Process engineering systems

Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

The products are particularly diverse in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. That’s why we put individuality before standard. Tailored to your requirements and applications, we create unique process technology concepts that we are happy to implement together with you.


Static filtration

For the pre-treatment of products for storage and processing as well as for sterile filtration for a downstream filling system, we build high-quality cartridge filter systems that are ideally adapted to your needs.

Cross-flow filtration

When filtering liquids, our cross-flow systems serve an individual performance spectrum.

CIP system

Our CIP systems meet your special requirements in the food, beverage and cosmetics industries. Our cleaning systems are as specific as your requirements and tasks. At the same time, a sustainable, environmentally friendly and resource-saving solution is ensured.

Flash pasteurizer

Flash pasteurizers (flash pasteurizers) are used for pasteurizing beverages. Microorganisms are reliably reduced and transferred to the filler in a microbiologically flawless manner at a temperature and holding time tailored to the product. To heat the product, hot water is circulated in a power-controlled, highly efficient and energy-efficient manner in counterflow to the product path. Precisely coordinated control ensures constant and gentle pasteurization of the product. All process-relevant parameters are recorded and archived electronically.

Process cooling systems

In conjunction with system-specific hydraulic modules and pump stations, our cooling systems ensure precise process cooling. The customer-specific coordination of the system and its functions ensures an economical cooling process.

Product tempering

We specialize in the manufacture of modern temperature control stations that enable precise and gentle heating of products. At the same time, our systems ensure professional cooling in the food and beverage industry as well as efficient hot water preparation.

Dosing and mixing various media

Individual dosing and control processes require individual solutions for controlling and dosing a wide variety of media, liquids and aerosols. In batch or inline operation, our systems automatically control and dose your desired additions and visualize them.

Tank systems

Perfectly tailored to your specific needs and requirements, we create customized tank systems for the storage of a wide range of products.

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