Process engineering systems

Chemistry and bitumen

Flexible solutions for special systems and requirements. We develop modern and practical solutions for process tanks and containers according to your individual requirements and product and process characteristics. We develop a concept based on your specific requirements and adapt it flexibly to any changes that arise during implementation.


Bitumen tank

We offer bitumen storage tanks with a capacity of up to 120 m³, also available as double-chamber tanks, with agitator or equipped with a mixing nozzle. For optimum heat efficiency, these containers are insulated and have a powerful heating system. They can be used as a stand-alone tank battery or as an extension to your existing system.

Dosing systems

The current energy situation requires new approaches: Additive dosing enables a lower temperature level and thus increased system efficiency. This dosing system for B2Last® was developed in cooperation with BASF.

Polymer plant

Our advanced bitumen modification systems are designed for the integration of one or more additives, including containers for raw bitumen as well as containers for the finished product. We also offer an optional integrated loading system. Recipes can be freely selected according to your individual specifications.

Pump systems

Whether pumping, mixing, boosting or unloading and loading: we consider the necessary pump systems for your requirements incl. the necessary pipeline construction.

Energy efficiency

We offer the development and support of energy management systems in accordance with DIN 50.001, carry out energy audits in accordance with DIN 16.247, provide support in claiming BAFA subsidies for SMEs in accordance with the Energy Services Act (EDLG) and develop site-specific energy saving concepts, including support in their implementation.

System upgrade

Our plant upgrade concept includes the development of retrofit concepts, the preparation of comprehensive expert reports on your plant technology and the implementation of process optimizations to increase efficiency.

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