Development of the company / Chronicle of Hüttenhein GmbH & Co. KG

The foundation for the company is process and power engineering in beer production.

Manfred Hüttenhein, who was born in Hagen, acquired this know-how in the course of his career as the planner of major projects in the field of process engineering at renowned breweries, before setting up on his own on the Moselle in 1978.

Here he now began to project his great experience little by little into the wine branch. He constructed preheating stations, including the construction of the appropriate piping in special steel.

In 1990, Manfred Hüttenhein moved the business from Altrich to Platten, fitted out a larger workshop and began with the construction of filter installations, at first manual, then also automated, developing the technology further and enlarging his regular clientele to include further large wine producers on the Moselle.

On 01.04.2004, Mr Hüttenhein took his well-deserved retirement and handed over the business with 2 employees to Gerald Rees. Hüttenhein GmbH & Co. KG Anlagenbau was then founded. Already after a short time larger working areas had to be rented, at first in Kröv and then, from 2005 on, at Werkstrasse in Wengerohr. At the same time, the company’s registered office was also moved to Wittlich-Wengerohr.

Through further expansion of the business fields special steel piping and plant engineering, and enlargement of the product range to include the special plant construction sector, larger premises also became necessary.

So the company proprietor, Gerald Rees, had the company’s own building erected at Dr. Oetker Strasse 7, with a 1000 m² large production hall, equipped with 2 gantry cranes. This was moved into with 16 employees on 01.04.2008.

Through constant investments in equipment and know-how, Hüttenhein GmbH & Co. KG Anlagenbau has developed from special steel piping to the overall planning and implementation of complete installation concepts. With over 30 well trained employees on the payroll in the meantime, we can react quickly and expertly to our customers’ wishes.