Individual solutions for your PROJECTS
Individual solutions for your PROJECTS
Individual solutions for your PROJECTS
Individual solutions for your PROJECTS


We are motivated by your requirements

Standard solutions work well - but not everywhere. For this reason, industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise are important cornerstones for providing you with targeted support in the manufacturing of bespoke products. Every industry has individual requirements and demands. Not only do we want to meet these, we also want to develop technologies that lead to optimal solutions for every specific need, and to deliver these to the highest standards.

Whether it’s about a gentle filtration, the highest purity and hygiene requirements, closed systems, careful handling of individual components, specific automation requirements, or filtration technologies, in every industry different aspects are at the focus. Because our expertise lies in liquids, we apply our know-how, continue to develop, incorporate sustainability, as well as environmental and resource-saving aspects into our solutions, and can thus meet individual quality requirements.

Liquids are not used solely in the food and beverage industry, but also in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and biotechnology sectors. We are proud that you will find plants manufactured by Hüttenheinin all these industries.

Some of our projects and our portfolio.

Our plant engineering projects focus on precise planning, design and manufacturing - whether it is a completely new development for an entire plant or just a small project. At Hüttenhein we take on all projects and familiarize ourselves with the conditions and possibilities on site, in order to develop perfectly tuned solutions.

Project 1


Food and Beverage industry:

We were tasked to implement a fully automatic static final filtration system including a KZE CIP system and carbonizer - integrated into a new bottling line within a very confined space. A particular challenge was the media connection during ongoing production.

Project 2


Beverage industry:

Conceptual design and realization of the piping system in a winery for product, CO2 and auxiliary media as well as product cooling of the storage volume.

Project 3

Pharmaceutical industry


Pharmaceutical industry:

- will be published soon -

Project 4

Cosmetics industry


Cosmetics industry:

Design and construction of a tank system for various raw materials including mixing and dosing units, and the piping on several production lines. CIP system including all necessary transfer panels. Here, the particular challenge was the different chemical composition of the raw materials and the related degree of purity during the CIP process.

Project 5

Asphalt industry


Asphalt industry:

The task was to plan and implement a polymer plant in batch operation, including heated agitator vessels for storing whilst keeping the finished product homogeneous. Further additives can be additionally metered here as bagged goods and added to the ongoing mixing process.

Project 6

Chemical industry


Chemical industry:

We were tasked to develop and realize a mobile container for automated dosing of additives in bitumen. The container needed to be used temporarily at different asphalt mixing plants. The focus here was on a simple manual connection possibility for all necessary connections that would be simple and safe for the operators.